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8101 highway 57
Baileys Harbor, WI 54202




Great coffee begins with great beans. Ours come from Ruby Roasters in Nelsonville, WI and Dogwood Coffee Roasters in Minneapolis, MN. They both work to create extremely high quality coffee while keeping sustainability and fair compensation for the farmers a priority. The result is awesome: incredible and unique coffee and espresso in every cup.

We get really excited about our milk. And for good reason! We searched far and wide and finally found the best milk we could for your latte, and it was right around the corner.

Clover Meadows Family Farm in Marathon County, WI is a tiny farm (too small for expensive certifications) that really does have the happiest cows. They're fed 100% natural, non-GMO grass diet and absolutely no antibiotics or synthetic hormones. The farm operates by the Golden Rule for Cows: “Do unto cows as you would have others do unto you, if you were a cow.” Because of it, these happy cows produce milk that is A1 Beta-Casein free. That means that does not have proteins which are linked to heart disease, type 1 diabetes, some autoimmune diseases and milk intolerance! It is also significantly higher in vitamins A, D and K2 beta carotene and omega 3 fatty acids (the healthy fat). And it's just delicious!